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Alayna Sibille

Alayna Sibille, Junior Graphic Artist

Our newest addition to the Cade team, Alayna is an aspiring designer and brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Alayna began participating in an internship at Cade in August 2013. She came to us with an impressive knowledge of graphic design programs and has a natural sense of what good design is. Her love for graphics and advertising only increased as she spent more and more time learning the tools of the trade. She plans to further her education in emerging media and visual communications here in Tallahassee before heading off to the University of Central Florida. She is an inspired young artist with an ambition to extensively explore her passion for design and all its future possibilities. Alayna is excited to be working alongside some of the most experienced artists and marketing directors in the industry, and eagerly accepts the wealth of knowledge they have to offer her.