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Laura Frandsen

Laura Frandsen, Partner, Account Supervisor

With a BS Degree in Media Communications from Florida State University, Laura was fortunate to land a job with a national publishing firm in Tallahassee. Although working with no pay for the first 3 months was not how she imagined her “dream” job to play out, it was worth the sacrifice. She was hired on as an Editorial Assistant for a technical magazine and from there her job grew in responsibility and depth as the company morphed into an advertising agency with national clients which included IBM. For the next ten years, traveling to New York, Boston, Toronto, St. Louis and other large cities gave Laura a growing knowledge of the ins and outs of the advertising industry.  Laura was also one of the first recipients to be designated a Professional Direct Marketing (PDM) Certification from the University of Missouri, Kansas City. She had the rare opportunity to be taught by Direct Marketing Pioneer, Bob Stone along with other industry leaders.

In 1993, three months after the birth of her son, Laura, Rick Shapley and John Cade made the decision to branch out together to form a new ad agency and Cade & Associates Advertising was born. For almost 20 years Laura has been managing and coordinating projects of all sizes – from copywriting, estimating, market planning, traffic coordination, media scheduling to coffee making and cleanup crew… she’s done it all.

“The best part of my job is being with my work family whom I love dearly, and all of the wonderful relationships I’ve formed with clients throughout the years.”