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Scott Smith

Scott Smith, Senior Art Director

Scott Smith’s interest in design was sparked in his teen years by the art and graphics found on record albums, posters, magazines, and essentially anything that could have a design printed, embossed or stamped upon it. His nascent fascination with mass media led him to a growing understanding of how much power the visual image wields in shaping perceptions and connecting with people emotionally. Compelled by this realization, he chose graphic design as his major in college — taking courses in photography, illustration and art history as well — and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications.

Since those college days, he has worked for over two decades as a graphic designer/art director at a variety of firms both large and small. He has been with Cade & Associates for the last sixteen years. According to Scott, “A  great product coupled with a great visual marketing strategy is the perfect synthesis for  a company’s success.”